How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors

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Refinishing hardwood floors is an invaluable investment in your home. Not only does it restore the original beauty of these classic flooring materials, but it also increases the lifespan of your floors and adds value to your home.

So how much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors? Read more as we’ll get into the details of the matter in today’s article.


What Is The Typical Cost Of Revamping Your Hardwood Floors

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When calculating the cost of refinishing your hardwood floors, factors such as square footage, existing condition, and desired finish should all be taken into account.

The total expenditure for a hardwood floor refinishing job can largely be determined by how large the area is. Typically, larger areas necessitate more effort and time to complete, thus resulting in higher costs. As well as the actual dimensions of the zone to be treated, other elements may also affect the overall cost—including any intricate design features such as multiple corners or angles which will require additional attention when finishing off perfectly.

The type of hardwood flooring you select can greatly influence the total cost; certain options are more expensive than others and may require extensive repairs for an older floor, putting a dent in your budget. To avoid any unexpected costs down the line, be sure to do your research on all available types before making a final decision.

On the flip side, the state of your hardwood floors can significantly impact how much you spend for a refinishing project. If the wooden planks are in proper condition, minimal work is required and, therefore, it is cost-efficient too. However, if serious damage has occurred such as water stains or scratches that penetrate deep into its surface, then more repairs must be undertaken before any refinishing starts, which leads to an increased expenditure overall.

If stains or paint need to be removed from the flooring, you may incur additional expenses depending on how complex this process is. Consequently, refinishing projects that require intense repair work due to damaged wood will likely cost more than those with only minor repairs needed.

Similarly, when deciding what type of finish to select for your hardwood floor refinishing project, you should bear in mind that the final price will be affected. Finishes with higher quality typically cost more than lower-quality ones; however, it is important to invest in a high-grade finish, as it increases durability and lifespan as well as improving its visual appeal. Premium finishes can withstand scratches, dirt, and other forms of wear and tear better than their less expensive counterparts, making them a wise choice for those looking to secure long-term value in their investments.

In addition, certain finishes may include features such as easy cleaning and UV protection. When selecting the right finish for your project, it is essential to consider all these aspects so you can decide which choice best fits both your budget and refinishing requirements. Generally speaking, homeowners should plan on spending between two and four dollars per square foot if they choose to hire a professional contractor.


The Steps Involved In Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Reviving the original charm of your hardwood floors is easy and rewarding. A few simple steps will give any room a refreshed look that can last for years! When done with consideration, refinishing hardwood floors can be one of the most straightforward ways to add value to your home.

After making sure your floor is clear of any dirt and debris, the refinishing process must begin with sanding. Depending on how much damage or wear there is to the floor, you may need a light screening for just a few scratches or deep buffing if it has major dings and stains. Once that’s done, you can start applying the fresh finish.

Once your floor has been prepared for refinishing, the cost of materials will depend on the type of hardwood you have and the finish you want. While polyurethane finishes are more expensive initially, they provide a longer-lasting solution since each coat can last up to 10 years. If cost is an issue, oil-based finishes may be worth considering, even though they need to be re-applied sooner than their counterparts.


Type of Finish

If you are searching for the ideal hardwood floor finish, consider both appearance and longevity. A high-gloss polyurethane offers protection against scratches and scuffs like no other, but any minor indents or blemishes will be very visible. If you are looking for a more natural look, oil-based finishes provide a matte overall effect – although they must be recoated every few months, as opposed to only needing one major reapplication in five years with polyurethane.


Invest In A Qualified Contractor To Rejuvenate Your Hardwood Floors And Discover The Benefits Of Professional Refinishing

If you want to guarantee that your hardwood floors are restored, polished, and sealed with the utmost precision, it is paramount to hire a qualified contractor. Such an experienced professional understands each step involved in refinishing hardwood floors: from properly cleaning them and sanding them down to applying the suitable finish and protecting the surface with a sealer. That way, you can trust that your refurbished wood will last for years.

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