Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing Cost

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cost of asphalt resurfacing

Many homeowners prefer asphalt driveways because they are durable, require little upkeep, and look great. Nevertheless, after some time, cracks, potholes, and fading can start appearing on your asphalt driveway. If any of these issues arise, you may need to resurface your driveway to repair its function and appearance.

If you’re considering asphalt driveway resurfacing, one of the most important factors to consider is cost. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the factors that affect asphalt driveway resurfacing cost and provide some tips for keeping costs under control.


Factors That Affect Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing Cost

The cost of asphalt driveway resurfacing can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including:

  1. Size Of The Driveway – The cost of resurfacing a driveway increases in proportion to its size. This is because a larger driveway requires more materials, labor, and equipment to resurface.
  2. Condition Of The Driveway – In case your driveway has significant damage like big cracks or potholes, it might need additional repairs before resurfacing can be done, which will increase the overall project cost.
  3. Type Of Resurfacing – Asphalt driveway resurfacing comes in different types and costs. Some options are adding a new layer of asphalt, sealcoating, or fixing small areas.
  4. Location – The cost of asphalt driveway resurfacing can also vary depending on your location. Labor and material costs can be higher in some areas than in others.
  5. Accessibility – If your driveway is difficult to access, such as if it’s located on a steep hill or in a tight space, it may require more specialized equipment and labor, which can add to the cost.

Tips For Controlling Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing Costs

While the cost of asphalt driveway resurfacing can vary based on a number of factors, there are several things you can do to keep costs under control:

  1. Plan Ahead – Don’t wait until your driveway is in serious disrepair before considering resurfacing. Regular maintenance, such as filling in small cracks and sealing the driveway every few years, can help prevent more extensive damage and keep costs down over time.
  2. Get Multiple Quotes – As with any home improvement project, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes from different contractors. This will give you a sense of the average cost for your area and help you compare pricing and services.
  3. Choose The Right Type Of Resurfacing – Depending on the condition of your driveway, one type of resurfacing may be more appropriate and cost-effective than another. For example, if your driveway has small cracks or fading, sealcoating may be the best option, while larger cracks or potholes may require overlaying with a new layer of asphalt.
  4. Consider DIY Options – If your driveway has minor damage, such as small cracks or potholes, you may be able to tackle repairs yourself. There are many DIY sealcoating and patching kits available that can help you save money on labor costs.
  5. Keep Up With Regular Maintenance – As mentioned earlier, regular maintenance can help prevent more extensive damage and keep costs down over time. Make sure you’re filling in small cracks and sealing your driveway every few years to help extend its lifespan and prevent costly repairs.

Why Consult A Professional Contractor When Resurfacing Your Asphalt Driveway

Though there are many DIY options available for asphalt driveway resurfacing, it’s always best to consult a professional contractor if you’re considering a major project. Professional contractors have the experience and expertise to identify any underlying issues that may affect the cost or outcome of your project and provide advice on the best type of resurfacing for your driveway. They will also be able to help you select the right materials and ensure the job is done correctly. Consulting a professional contractor can help save time and money in the long run.

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The Bottom Line

Overall, resurfacing your asphalt driveway can be costly, but it’s worth the investment for the long-term durability and appearance. To manage the expenses, learn about the cost factors and take measures to control them, so you can have an effective and budget-friendly driveway resurfacing project.

And ensure your driveway stays in good condition for a long time, it is important to maintain and care for it properly, whether you hire a professional contractor or do the project on your own.


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